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minicube prep

How does the minicube prep work

New molecular diffusion technology on magnetic beads ensures ultra-rapid RNA and DNA extractions

The technology preserves a larger portion of the sample compared to other extraction techniques

The Minicube Prep sample preparation device is designed for rapid and gentle extraction of RNA directly from saliva, blood, urine or other liquified samples.

The technology is based on magnetic bead separation in a flow channel where magnetic beads are suspended in an oscillating magnetic field (patent pending) instantaneous removing contaminants from the magnetic nanoparticles by flowing contaminants downstream away from the sample.

This allows very fast washing and the limit is not the 90 seconds we have set – it can be optimized to be faster. The control is facilitated via the same app that also controls the Minicube PCR machine

A typical protocol looks as follows: 

1. Insert 200 ul pipette with sample in the sample orifice

2. Press the “Play button” and the sample is sucked into the device

3. Watch the progress on the device – wait until all 16 LEDs blinks rapidly

4. Mount a new pipette tip and press the plunger down and dispense 50 ul of air

5. Insert the pipette tip with the plunger pressed into the sample orifice and press the “Play button”

6. The purified sample is now loaded into the pipette tip 

The device comes with 3 pumps a multi-valve pump with 6 ports with interface to the capillary system and 5 solutions and two peristaltic pumps – one for the sample and one for the waste solution.

The multivalve pump can be delivered with 8 or 12 ports for creating more advanced wash procedures or on bead synthesis or complex binding events on the surface of the nanoparticles.

The 6 port configuration of the multi-valve pump allows for 2 wash buffers and 1 eluation buffer, the 3 other ports are reserved – 1 for the interface to the capillary which is the pump output and the other two for the cleaning solutions for removing all molecules from the inside of the capillary.

The two peristaltic pumps comes with standard tubing that needs replacement every 3 months, a tubing is available that only needs replacement every 2nd year.

We provide solutions and nanoparticles at very low cost, and spare fluid connector parts which also can be purchased directly from the third party suppliers.


STEP 1 : INSERT SAMPLE - USING A 10-200 ul pipette

Insert a pipette with sample into the orifice which always is clean due to the fountain overflow of buffers. 

Press the “play icon” on the device and the sample is sucked in. There is no limit in sample size but there is a limit in how big pipette tip the orifice can accept – you can ask for a customized version to take 1-10 ml pipette tips.


The machine is now purifying your sample and the progresss can be followed on the 16 LEDs – and when completed they will all start to flash very rapidly.


Mount a fresh pipette tip and position at 50 ul (default eluation volume) can be changed in the app. Press the “play icon” and the purified liquid is pressed up into your pipette tip. When the device gives a sound and all 16 LEDs starts flashing at random – remove the pipette

STEP 4 : Device is cleaning - LEDs flash randomly

The device is now cleaning wait until the LEDs stop flashing. The device is now clean and you can run another sample. The cleaning takes 1 min and 40 sec.

Get full control over the purification from the app and create novel optimized methods


Change your purification protocols as you wish. The standard cleaning protocol can also be modified but you might not get a full cleaning at the molecular level if you change it.

Flexibility and optimization

The Minicube Prep machine is ideal for optimization of protocols, preparation of RNA/DNA for sequencing, cloning and PCR.

accuracy & Precision

the flow in the capillary is laminar and it is controlled by a high precision syring pump giving nanoliter accuracy

Calibrated precision and accuracy

The machine is calibrated and deliver a high accuracy and precision in the protocols giving you the same results over and over 



With a peak speed of 1000 ul/sec the pump can deliver very high flow speeds 

High Speed

Purification in 90 seconds of RNA/DNA from a 100 ul sample is the standard performance. By tweaking the parameters you can find faster or slower protocols that gives you the performance you wish

Customized versions available


The standard version comes with 6 ports. Three of these are used for an output port to the capillary and two for the cleaning that removes all molecular traces. This leaves 3 ports for a typical RNA/DNA extraction with “Wash 1”, “Wash 2” and “Eluation buffer”

More ports on the Multi-Valve Syringe Pump

The multi-valve syringe pump can be expanded to 8 or 12 ports giving access to make much more complicated wash protocols

Temperature control

The standard version runs at room temperature 

Option for precison temperature control

We can add the precision temperature control from the Minicube PCR and you have the possibility to have an accuracy of 20 milli-Kelvin and a precsion of 5 milli-Kelvin on the system. It is also possible to add cooling so it can run down to close to 0°C

Number of Channels

The device is a single channel capillary 

Option for more channels

If you want to have a 4 or 8 channel with 9 mm pitch between the center of the capillaries its possible – please make inquiry

The Minicube app
The Minicube app

Get full control with the intuitive app

The powerful yet intuitive app gives you full control of your experiments from anywhere and accelerates every step of your sample prep research. Shortening time between getting started and obtaining great results.


Access and control your Minicube Prep with the intuitive iPad app. From the powerful and user friendly interface, you can easily plan and setup protocols, control multiple devices at the same time 


The app works both online and off, and connects to your Minicube Prep via wifi or Bluetooth, allowing you full flexibility.

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