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minicubes for molecular biology

Minicube pcr

Asynchronous – 16 PCR machines in one.

Asynchronous Control of Each Well

Each well has individual control and complete thermal isolation with no cross-talk allowing temperatures to exist side by side.

The Minicube PCR machine is ideal for optimization of protocols, preparation for sequencing, cloning, multiple parallel incubations, PCR gradients, and other use of protocols that normally would be run in series on standard equipment but now can be run in parallel.

Flexibility and optimization

The Minicube PCR is also ideal for sharing PCR optimizations because it has no well-to-well variation and no machine-to-machine variation. This means dramatically reduced PCR run times for you, without compromising on precision and liability.

minicube prep

Capillary Sample Prep

Ultra Rapid Sample Prep – 90 sec

The novel capillary overflow system for rapid cleaning of magnetic particles allows for extremely quick purification of RNA/DNA molecules.

90 seconds total time

Extraction completed in 90 seconds and after each experiment the resusable glass column is cleaned back to a negative control which takes 2.5 minutes

No upper limit on sample size

The flow-through column allows for any sample size to be used the only limit is the interface size of the column – its inner diameter is 1.5 mm and the pipette tip with the sample has to fit into the opening and seal – a perfect seal is obtained with a 200 ul pipette

The default setting is 100 ul but this can be adjusted in the app

minicube Pqpcr

Combined Sample Prep and qPCR.

Revolutionary Combined Prep and QPCR System

Combination of rapid capillary sample prep and qPCR gives full integration between two of the cornerstone technologies in any molecular lab.

Two-color excitation/emission

FAM (Carboxyfluorescein) × excitation 493
FAM (Carboxyfluorescein) × emission 517

ROX (carboxy X rhodamine) × excitation 578
ROX (carboxy X rhodamine) × emission 604

Different Versions

The Minicube PqPCR (Prep + qPCR) comes with LED and photodiode optics but can be delivered with laser excitation and Si-PMT sensitivity

It can also be expanded to more than two colors

The Minicube app
The Minicube app

Get full control with the intuitive app

The powerful yet intuitive app gives you full control of your experiments from anywhere and accelerates every step of your PCR research. Shortening time between getting started and obtaining great results.


Access and control your Minicube PCR with the intuitive iPad app. From the powerful and user friendly interface, you can easily plan and setup protocols, control multiple devices at the same time – and even allow colleagues control of the same Minicube PCR from their apps.


The app works both online and off, and connects to your Minicube PCR via wifi or Bluetooth, allowing you full flexibility.

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