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minicube pcr

How does asynchroneous PCR work

Setup your PCR.  On a minicube PCR machine you can run different protocols on different wells – at the same time. 

Here we started every second well and we investigate the 16 wells with a thermal imaging camera


Patented technologies enables Minicube PCR to run all 16 wells asynchronously. You’ll get 16 PCR machines in one.

Flexibility and optimization

The Minicube PCR machine is ideal for optimization of protocols, preparation for sequencing, cloning, multiple parallel incubations, PCR gradients and other use of protocols that normally would be run in series on standard equipment but now can be run in parallel.

Flexibility and optimization

The Minicube PCR is also ideal for sharing PCR optimizations, because it has no well-to-well variation and no machine-to-machine variation. This means dramatically reduced PCR run times for you, without compromising on precision and liability.

accuracy & Precision

of the Minicube’s 16 wells are NIST temperature calibrated and during run time the temperature is adjusted 100 times per second

Calibrated precision and accuracy

TThe machine was designed and calibrated to yield unmatched temperature precision following NIST standards. Each well is a closed, precisely controlled temperature zone monitored by a NIST calibrated A-class PT1000 sensor and controlled by a rapid microprocessor.

Temperature values

Standard deviation of individual temperature settlings are less than 5 milli-kelvin (0.005 °C)

Well-to-well variations are better than 20 milli-kelvin (0.020 °C) between any chosen set of wells.


With a peak ramping speed of 9°C/sec we have completed a 35 cycles 2-stage PCR in 21 min and 40 sec.

High Speed

The speed of the machine allows you to run a 35 cycle PCR experiment in about 30 minutes. The heating ramp rate is >8 °C/sec and the cooling rate is >2.5°C/sec. Both the heating and cooling rate exceeds the physical limits of the temperature change in a 25 µl liquid sample.

Even Higher Speed

 We have a modified firmware that can make 35 cycles of 2-stage PCR in just 16 minutes – we call this “relaxed mode” since we have reduced the precision from 0.020°C to 1.0°C.

Because every well is a miniature PCR machine there was a large challenge in controlling the condensation on the sides of a 0.2 ml PCR tube.  We had to add a second condensation barrier called – the “midheater”. In the video below you can see that it creates a heating band across the PCR tube – which together with the top-heater in the lid creates a perfect condensation prevention in the upper tube.

The top-heater set at 120 °C secures a uniform condensation barrier when the lid is closed. Silicone rubber pads makes it possible to run with both flat and domed caps in the same run. 

The 3 mm thick edges isolates the chamber formed by the lid and the cover-plate and steady state temperature is achieved in an order of a few minutes.


Despite the compact design  the lid never gets warmer than 30 °C.

The  top plate is cut out of a 1 kg aluminum block and has a finished weight of 450 g. The surface act as perfect heatsink conducting the heat into the rest of the metal casing where it is ventilated by the fan.  

The Minicube app

Sixteen pcr machines in one

With Minicube PCR, you’ll be able to run up to 16 different PCR protocols asynchronously at the same time.



Each of the Minicube PCR’s 16 wells is its own precisely controlled temperature zone.

The individual control of each well provides complete flexibility that will change the way you work.

Imagine running protocols on 8 tubes while incubating 8 other tubes at 8 different temperatures – adding them to the Minicube PCR on the fly.

The Minicube app
The Minicube app

Get full control with the intuitive app

The powerful yet intuitive app gives you full control of your experiments from anywhere and accelerates every step of your PCR research. Shortening time between getting started and obtaining great results.


Access and control your Minicube PCR with the intuitive iPad app. From the powerful and user friendly interface, you can easily plan and setup protocols, control multiple devices at the same time – and even allow colleagues control of the same Minicube PCR from their apps.


The app works both online and off, and connects to your Minicube PCR via wifi or Bluetooth, allowing you full flexibility.

High precision and accuracy

The Minicube PCR is constructed with the markets highest precision and accuracy and the well-to-well variation is confined to second decimal.


Each well is an individual heating and cooling element thermal isolated from the other wells in the device and monitored by A-class PT1000 sensor calibrated to NIST standards.  All wells are synchronized to run the same ramps so all experiments are carried out with only a few milli-kelvins of difference.

Precision is defined as how well a temperature can be repeated and our precision is better than 0.005 °C (5 milli-kelvin).

Accuracy is defined as how close to a NIST  calibrate temperature our device is and our accuracy is better than 0.03 °C

The Minicube app


  • High precision and accuracy PCR –  be able to separate primers on very small differences in annealing temperature


  • Lowest well to well variation in the market – trust experiments between devices


  • Plan and organize your experiments on iPad – even from outside the lab


  • Control multiple machines in parallel


  • Run different protocols in parallel on the same machine


  • Optimize primers with milli-kelvin accuracy in exact temperature steps instead of a poorly defined gradient.


  • Primer optimization with jumps in temperature steps e.g. one series of 0.1 °C  which run in parallel with another series with steps of 0.5 °C


  • Allow multiple users control of different tubes on the same machine


  • Open source API software available if you want more advanced functionality – interface from PC via Scientific Python


  • Calorimetry function in the minicube PCR – will be accessible via the app in Q2 2021 – for now it can only be used via the SciPy scripts


Quality Features

Calibrated precision and accuracy

The machine was designed and calibrated to yield unmatched temperature precision following NIST standards. Each well is a closed, precisely controlled temperature zone monitored NIST calibrated A-class PT1000 sensor and controlled by a rapid microprocessor. Our calibration procedures yield standard deviations of less than 0.05 °C, and since all sensors are calibrated and the electronic circuit are loaded with the calibration curves we have reduced the well-to-well variation to second decimal (better than 0.02)

Each well is calibrated at different temperatures (from 15-99 °C) by submerging the device into a NIST calibrated Fluke heated bath with a temperature accuracy of ±0.001 °C. The precision measurement circuit is optimized for high accuracy 24 bit recording, noise filtering and environmental stability in a temperature range between 15 to 99 °C. High quality bias circuitry ensures long term stability.

Shyyyyy – cant hear it

The machine is equipped with a low noice fan from Noctua which only makes a acoustical noise at 19,2 dB(A) at 1200 rpm.  In pratical terms it means you cannot hear it in a standard lab environment. 

Powder coat -10 years guarantee 

The Jotun industrial powder coat comes with a 10 years guarantee and the strong highest quality stainless steel frame anchored on the solid top and bottom aluminum profiles makes this a sturdy machine that is built for rough treatments in a busy lab. The plastic surface surrounding the 16 wells are made from white PEEK and are inert to spill of strong acid or bases.

Rock stable XLR power connection

The 24V/15A power connection is equipped with a click lock XLR power socket ensuring that the power plug never falls out of the device during run-time.  This is normally not a problem with large bulky equipment – but the Minicube PCR is a small device that easily can be moved around on the table – although the weight of 4.5 kg and solid rubber feet makes it stable in operation. 

Customize your Minicubes with 5 variations of color on the top-heater and lid button.

The colors are dark grey (standard), avocado, scarlett, indigo, mint or blossom


The color variations makes it easy to distinquish machines from each other when operating multiple minicubes at the same time






Our vision

GNAcode develops machines and interfaces that open new paths for your creativity, and sets your work routines free. Obtaining great results just got a lot easier.

GNAcode have been rethinking some of the basic life-science instruments. We have carefully analyzed the core functionalities and the daily work patterns. By combining this knowledge with the latest technologies we have achieved more functionality and better precision performed in less time compared to traditional equipment. Our series of machines and interfaces opens new ways for you to be more creative and free in your lab environment. 

Minicube PCR is the first in a series of machines that enables researchers to access and share multiple machines via one interface. The small flexible machines are ideal for protocol optimizations and small scale investigations.

minicube PCR

An innovative, asynchronous 16 well standard PCR machine for 0.2 ml tubes with high precision control of the temperature  in each tube. The device allows for a multiple of reactions to be carried out in parallel.


minicube gel

A quick and precision controlled gel electrophoresis device that monitors resistance build-up during gel electrophoresis. The powersupply can run up to four gel-chambers at one time saving space on your lab desk.

STATUS: Q2 2021

minicube cell

A triple-gas cell incubator suitable for undisturbed cell culturing free of risks of contamination. Easy to disassemble and all critical parts are autoclavable. Do CO2, O2 or CO2/O2 experiments with N2 as third gas.

STATUS: Q3 2021

minicube qPCR

The real-time version of the small, innovative Minicube PCR. All the great features are retained and expanded with dual-color fluorescence detection. Also with the possibility to customize the filter-block.

STATUS: Q4 2021

minicube T-SPECTRO

Measure absorbance data in the visual range of light from 16 wells at the same time as you perform heating or cooling profiles – even PCR – this system is built on the core of the Minicube PCR but expanded with the possibility to do a full spectral analysis on all wells at the same time

STATUS: Q4 2021

minicube Q-CAL

A high resolution high sensitive differential scanning micro calorimeter based on the calorimetric features of the Minicube PCR but with very small well mass to increase the sensitivity for the sample. 

STATUS: Q4 2021

We can customize devices too. There is an endless amount of posssibilities with our hardware and software platform. Please send us an email with your requirements. Use the support page to contact us 

Unboxing the Minicube PCR

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