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Technical Specifications

Minicube PCR 

Minicube PCR is an asynchronous PCR machine capable of running 16 different PCR protocols at the same time.



Sample Capacity

16 x 0.2 ml tubes or 2 x 8-tube strips

Speed of ramping:

9 °C/sec

Thermal range 1:

40-99 °C (mid- and top-heater activated)

Thermal range 2:

4-99 °C (mid- and top-heater inactivated)

Temperature precision:

± 0.005 °C

Temperature accuracy

±0.02 °C

Precise Fast PCR:

35 Cycles in less than 25 minutes (normal mode – 15 µl sample)

Relaxed Fast PCR:

35 Cycles in less than 16 minutes (0.3 °C accuracy at 95°C – 15 µl sample)

Asynchronous mode:

Run 16 different protocols at the same time


No, run 16 precise PCRs instead with high precision steps, gives better control of temperature and gives more accurate results and the possibility have have both big and small steps combined e.g. a series of 0.1°C steps with a few 0.5 °C (just in case the range you chose is off – then at least you get the info that the primers are working)

User interface:

iPad and alternative open-source interface via Scientific Python





up to 15A (280 W)

Power supply

Meanwell Powersupply (110-240 AC) 280 W certified EC, South Korea, Japan, US, Canada


With closed lid:

W x D x H: 17.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 15 .5 cm (6.9” x 6.9” x 6.0”)

Power supply:

L x W x H: 22.0 cm x  9.5 cm   x 4.6 cm (8.7″ x 3.7″  x 1.8″)

Pretty Box – device:

W x D x H: 23.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 22 .5 cm (9.2” x 9.2” x 8.9”) – transport box is larger

Pretty Box – power supply:

W x D x H: 30.0 cm x 13.5 cm x 6 .0 cm (11.8” x 5.3” x 3.5”) – transport box is larger

Air cooling, Noise, Operating temperature

Noctua NF-A14:

19 dB at 1200 RPM

Air intake:

Front and back – most not be covered but can stand close to a wall – min distance 2.5 cm (1″)

Air output:

Below the device – avoid covering the sides of the device – at least 2.5 cm clearance (1″)

Operating temperature:

The device is specified to run in a controlled environment between 15-25° C (59-79 F)  outside this temperature range the accuracy of the device cannot be guaranteed. 

Top and bottom solid aluminium

Aluminium 5083 is known for exceptional performance in extreme environments. It is highly resistant to attack by both salt water and industrial chemical environments. The top and bottom parts of the machine are each cut from a single piece of EN/AC 5083 high quality aluminium.

The reminder of the device is made with AISI304 authentic non-magnetic stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and which typically is utilized for hospital surgical equipment.

High endurance XLR power connector

The XLR connector for the 24V power input chosen for its high endurance and reliability. Once inserted it does not fall out. XLR connectors are a style of electrical connector, primarily found on professional audio, video, and stage lighting equipment where a disconnect can have high economical consequences and thus absolute reliability is a must.

Outdoor industrial powder coating

The powder coat is a lead-free TGIC-free coating is specifically designed to meet stringent requirements of the construction industry. It comes with a 10 year product warranty – subject to terms and conditions.

It passes DIN EN ISO 11507 (UVA – 340) where alternating exposure of first 8 hours at 60 ºC UV and then 4 hours at 45 ºC condensation for 1000 hours testing gives no chalking, excellent gloss retention and colour stability.

Variable rubber contacts for tube tops

The top-heater is equipped with individual rubber spring cusions that accommodates both dome and flat caps without need for adjustment. The heater is normally kept at 120 °C (variable) which removes any trace of condensation in the top of the tubes. Evaporation can actually be checked by the calorimetri function of the Minicube PCR machine. As of today this requires the use of the Scipy interfaces but it will eventually be built into the App.

Quality port interfaces at the back

At the back there is access to the quality electronic ports for LAN, USB stick, and USB-B connections.

Additionally the WIFI radio emits its signal from the back providing 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n radio and excellent RF performance.

The WIFI module is a quality radio that ensures a stable connection.

White PEEK tube insert

The top surface insertion point of tubes is made of a white PEEK which is UV resistant and withstand all alcohols, acetone, oils e.g. mineral oil, toluene, formaldehyde, sodium Hydroxide and acids (except hydrofluoric acid which can dissolve glas and rocks, Carbolic Acid (Phenol),Chromic Acid, Nitric Acid above 10%) but also not compatible with fluorine and chlorine.

Embedded is a “mid-heater” that is an addition to the top-heater. The surface is normally kept at 100°C (adjustable) to prevent condensation at the mid of the tubes. The PEEK surface has a very low heat conduction coefficient that ensures tubes can be inserted and removed without significant heat transferred to the fingers.

Very quiet ventilation system

The Minicube PCR cools and heats at the same time and therefore uses a considerable amount of energy in doing so. That energy needs to be removed from the device. Despite that – it never exceeds 35 dB where we have noticed that our competitors calls less than 45 dB for “whispering”. If only a few wells are activated the noise is lower than 20 dB.  The device sucks in air from the front and the back and exhaust it below the machine in all directions. It requires a few centimeter of free air at the front and the back to be able to fully ventilate the heat sink of the device. The Noctua NF-A14 fan is free from mechanical noises and is generally one of the most silent fans on the market.

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